There are some problems with the index – where the author was unsure of spelling of names, a “?” is used beside the queried entry.  There may be some transcription errors by the native English-speaking author interpreting Spanish.  Similarly many names have been changed to the Spanish equivalent (Diego for David etc) at the time of entry; the author has resisted attempts to transcribe these back into the Welsh/English spelling.  Also not all of the marriages in the time span 1865-1900 have been recorded, or properly recorded in some cases. This key explains how to interpret the index on names of brides and grooms in the Chubut Colony, and contains a wealth of information on families.

Column 1 Marriage id
Column 2 Bride’s family name
Column 3 Bride’s first names
Column 4 Age of bride
Column 5 Place – where the bride came from/ nationality/ property
Column 6 Previous husband
Column 7 Date of marriage
Column 8 Groom’s family name
Column 9 Groom’s first names
Column 10 Age of groom
Column 11 Place – where the groom came from/ nationality/ property
Column 12 Previous wife
Column 13 Groom’s father
Column 14 Groom’s mother
Column 15 Associated place – where the groom’s parents may have come from/  nationality/ property
Column 16 Bride’s father
Column 17 Bride’s mother
Column 18 Associated place place – where the bride’s parents may have come from/ nationality/ property
Column 19 Reference which is the volume and folio reference to the official registers in Rawson, (except the diary of R J Berwyn and the Vrondeg Church records, copies of which are held in the Gaiman Museum).  The references are as follows:

ES = Esquel 1900

G = Gaiman 1890-1899

GA = 1900

GM = Gaiman 1878-1889

R = Rawson 1900

RA = Rawson 1889-1899

RAM = Rawson 1889-1899

RJB = 1865-1975

T = Trelew 1899, 1900

VC = Vrondeg Church records for 1881-1887 by William C Rhys, Baptist Minister.